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Comic Leftover Soup!
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I'm the wooooorst.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: mall food court)

MH (conspiratorially): Okay, Gina, can we... can we backtrace an IP address to the bot, maybe?
GU: Well, no, but if the picture was Photoshopped, there might be exif data in the jpeg.
NP: Lily wouldn't have kept the image file on her computer, but if she runs the same version of Photoshop...
MH: Yes! Okay, so first we'll need a distrac-
EB (on the phone): Yo, Lily? Hey, yeah, quick question, did you make a script that would check dating sites for Gina's name and then auto-send a dick pic? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, thanks.
EB (hanging up): She says she didn't do it.
EB: ...what?

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