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I realize that this strip sorta gets us away from the "could be anywhere" setting of Leftover Soup, since Best Buy only has stores in United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China. But hey, what the heck, it's still got name recognition, that's what's important.

(Thursday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers, Ted Peterson (TP) is bringing a router up to the register)

LH: Hi! Find everything okay?
TP: Yeah, good thing I got here when I did, this was the last one on the shelf.
LH: Excellent. Need a bag?
TP: No thanks. And I have a coupon.
LH (examining coupon): Oh, I'm sorry, this coupon's for Best Buy. We can't accept this here.
TP: Well, put it through anyway.
LH: As you wish.
LH: ...and sign here please.
TP: ...why does this say sixty-eight eighty-seven?
LH: That would be the full price of the router, plus tax.
TP: What about the coupon?
LH: As I recall, I advised you we can't accept it.
TP: And as I recall, I advised you to put it through anyway.
LH: That's... not how the word "can't" works, sir.

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