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What do you think? Is Ellen a bad daughter?

(Monday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

EB: I love my father and I care about his wellbeing.
LH: I never said otherwise.
EB: You think I'm a bad daughter?
LH: You realize I might be the wrong person to ask about father-daughter relationships, yes?
EB: Fuuuuuuck me, I'm the worst person in the world.
LH: There are worse. You don't like Lindsay, but you trust your father as an adult to make his own decisions. You just said you don't care about inheriting his money, and you're willing to give up a weekend to stand around in tulle and eat rubber chicken. Not exactly King Lear.
EB: Well, if nothing else, this solves the problem of what we're playing this Saturday - I'm not gonna be there.
LH: Changed my mind. Tell your father to fuck off.

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