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As you know, I normally don't do sitcommy stuff like this. Standard tropes (this one, I think, is a "bottle episode") tend to bore or annoy me.

Let's see if we can break it.

(Tuesday morning, INT: lobby of JH/EB/MH's apartment)

MH: ...served me vegan granola for breakfast in bed, and still had time to bone me in the shower before he had to leave for work!
JH: Good for you, I guess. I had a smoothie and a chicken panini.
MH: Oh, and on the bus ride back, I finally got three stars on every stage of the second level of Angry Birds!
JH: I shall assume that is also a good thing.
(INT: inside the elevator)

MH: Yeah, in Angry Birds, three stars means you fini-
[cacophony of sounds, elevator vibrates in place]
[lights go out]
MH (already taking off shirt): Welp, I'm not one to argue with fate. On the floor, or up against the wall?
JH: It's been five seconds!

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